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What is “energy healing”?

Most of us have experienced the healthy power of hands-on therapy such as physical massage.  And we understand how the strong, skilled hands can massage, reduce, and smooth the kinks and pains in our muscles.  This is a type of “physical healing”.

“Energy Healing” can be a little more difficult to explain, and for many people, to comprehend.  Some go so far as to refer to energy healing as being “esoteric”, a word that many people don’t understand as well.

ESOTERIC: intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

The concept of Energy Healing should NOT be an esoteric concept.  The more people that understand and are given the opportunity to participate and experience this type of healing would increase its availability and acceptability.

Unlike the example of “hands-on” physical massage given earlier, energy healing techniques are usually “hands-off”, as they involve a transfer of “energy” from the practitioner (the person helping you) to you. Don’t be confused about the passing of energy — just because there isn’t any touching, doesn’t mean there isn’t any healing.

Just like physical massage, where we have Sweedish Oil, Massage, or dry Thai Massage, or accupressure, or even chair massage, there are different types of energy healing methodologies.

Some traditional and Chinese healers practice Qi gong; a type of polarity therapy which blends Eastern and eastern techniques, concentrating on unblocking the flow of energy through the body.

The Japanese word for life energy is Reiki, a popular energy healing practice.  Reiki healers attempt to channel universal healing energy through the own bodies and that of their clients.  There is some hands-on with Reiki, as gentle touch is usually involved in the process.  Clients lie on a massage table, fully dressed during the session, which last 60-90 minutes.

“Therapeutic Touch” was created by two woman who believed that the human body, mind, emotions and intuition work together as a detailed, and complex, energy field.  Basically the premise is that stress and bad things in life make you “out of balance” as balance comes from “order” and calmness.  This part of the therapy is easy for patients to understand.

When visiting a Therapeutic Touch practitioner, she will first attempt to “read” you and get a sense of the balance (or imbalance) of your energy field.  She will place her hands two-to-six inches above you, beginning at your head, and work down to your feet.  The goal will be to “balance” your energy fields with her hands and other techniques.

Yoga and Meditation and “the inner space” have always been a part of energy healing.  One practice is Sat nam Rasayan healing from India, in which practitioners attempt healing by connecting to your “sacred space”, a space accessible through transcendent consciousness.


The Healing Power of Sex – Sexual Energy Healing

When we awaken the sexual energy within ourselves, we can compare the result to a serpent coming to life.  Called a Kundalini awakening.

Kundalini Awakening (from Wiki):
Kundalini is described within Eastern religious, or spiritual tradition as an indwelling spiritual energy that can be awakened in order to purify the subtle system and ultimately to bestow the state of Yoga, or Divine Union upon the ‘seeker’ of truth.

How we choose to express our sexuality depends on the partner we are with and our ability to express ourselves to that partner, as well as how strong of a connection exists between the partners. It is difficult for many to understand but a new level, called spiritual sex, can begin if your heart, and your partner are open.

Imagine yourself with an extreme sexual desire that sometimes leads you to a state of constant or whole-body orgasm.  Imagine the feeling of release and happiness that comes from one orgasm — then multiply that ten-fold.

Exchanging sexual energy between partners.  “Masculine energy is usually associated with physical energy and feminine energy is usually related to mental and emotional energy. When we look at these ideas from our perspective, they will translate into males being the carriers of physical energy and females the carriers of mental and emotional energy.”

When we exchange sexual energy, the masculine one feels less emotional and mental stress because of the feeling of being charged with emotional and mental energy, thereby stimulating and healing that energy back into balance.

On the other side of the “battery”, the feminine one is charged with physical energy, making her feel more refreshed and energized.
The different aspects of Sexual Healing:

Physical Sex
Lean to appreciate your body for what it is – your life source that carries you in your daily life.  Take care of it, eat well, soak it, take long showers, drink lots of water, and stay away from the things that you know are poison.

Mental Sex
Don’t dwell in the past and don’t allow yourself to yearn for younger days.  But do think back to good times and good sexual experiences of your past.  Enjoy those experiences over and over, intentionally leaving out any stressful parts of those memories.  Try to enjoy even those sexual times that did not go as well as planned, but infusing silent laughter, and reminding yourself of the fun and excitement that did occur.

Emotional Sex
What does sex mean to you today? What does it generate for you?  Do you view sex as an outlet for the release of stress, anger, frustration, or boredom? Or is it method to discover tenderness, affection, closeness, intimacy, honesty, safety, openness, trust, and love?

Spiritual Sex
Think of sex as a way to connect, either alone in with company.  Eliminate the distractions that interrupt this connection (like your smartphone!); and find what relaxes your mind and spirit (hot baths, or long showers).  For some, the smell of fresh cut flowers invoke feelings of passion and a desire for sexual release.

Find your sexual happiness and healing by learning what makes you and your body feel good.